Monday, November 16, 2015

Pepsi For Medicinal Purposes

I have always loved a good cold glass of Pepsi. Every week I would buy two or three 2-litre bottles for my house and they rarely last a week. Three or four days tops, then I would have to replenish the supply. 

I know it has a bad reputation, what with the high levels of sugar and calories that has contributed to the extra pounds I’m carrying but it also has medicinal purposes. A dear nurse friend of mine had recommended hot Pepsi or Pepsi not yet refrigerated for upset stomach/vomiting and gas and I’ve been using it for that ever since.

Well, I recently broke my ankle,                                                           badly.
Fractured in three places, the foot flapping like an alien flag and had to have it splintered before they could move me. Then I was in a cam walker for a few hours …..

 Long story short, I had surgery the following day and they used a spinal anaesthesia  so I would be half awake and could go home later that day.  The anaesthesiologist told me that with this type of anaesthetic comes the side effect of a headache sometimes when I’m getting up.

Her recommendation?  Drink at least 2 litres of water daily, including a small bottle of Pepsi. Who knew? Pepsi for headache! And it worked! The Pepsi worked! I was so happy because I really don’t like taking too many drugs. 

After discovering the Iaso tea, I thought that I would give up drinking sodas for tea but I cannot do that, not totally. Pepsi has proven why it must remain on my grocery list. I wonder how many persons agree with me?

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